Donna Medrea

Donna Medrea

Welcome to Carmel Valley, a vibrant, yet young community


carmel-valley-san-diego-smCarmel Valley, a vibrant, yet young community is one of the newer neighborhoods located in San Diego, California. The name Carmel Valley comes from the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy, who established a dairy farm and monastery in the area around 1905. 69 years later it was given an institutional name “north city west”, later to be readopted 20 years later in the 90s to ‘Carmel Valley’. Today, Carmel Valley has matured into a place where people can live, work and play. Young families are attracted by high-end housing and award winning schools. Area amenities and easy access to much of San Diego County make the commercial center of Carmel Valley ideal for corporate offices, hotels, shopping and restaurants.
With beautiful sandy beaches, Carmel Valley is growing into an attraction centre. The near perfect all year-round weather, does nothing but facilitate the hosting of streams of visitors flooding in from nearby cities and relocates from neighbouring metropolises. With the expansion and development Pacific Highlands Ranch, Torrey hills and adjacent areas, Carmel village has grown into a real estate gold-mine. Buying property here has never been as serious as it is currently.


Real estate offers in Carmel Valley


carmel-valley-homeReal estate offers in Carmel Valley offer a variety of choices from luxurious apartments, condos to modern designed bungalows and maisonettes. Just within striking distance from major employment centres, Carmel Valley might be considered the best settlement location in the San Diego environ. When it comes to big families, they still have you sorted. Constructions are underway due to a ravenous demand for large homes, with three plus bedrooms and more than two garages. Judging from the cars cruising down the streets, it’s no secret Carmel Valley has appreciated in terms of investment.


Older residents of Carmel Valley can testify as to how the region has matured into a domicile where people can play, work and live as a community at large. It’s safe to say that young families attracted towards the award nominated and winning schools and high-end housing have got their eye on the San Diego County, Carmel village specifically. Not to mention the ease of access to San Diego city and amenities availability have made Carmel Valley an epitome for further development of hotels, shopping centres and malls, corporate offices, restaurants and food joints and of course they remember you, a perfect home.


Home sweet home is just around the corner, take a tour of the coastline of Carmel Valley, and enjoy the local cuisine. You might find a home away from home.


Wine Tasting in Carmel Valley


Carmel Valley Village has a number of wine tasting rooms, as well as several high-end hotels affiliated with the wineries. Wineries with tasting rooms in Carmel Valley includes:


A public bus, called the Grapevine Express Route 24 and run by Monterey-Salinas Transit, stops at most of these tasting rooms. The Monterey Wine Trolley also offers a tour on a former San Francisco trolley that makes stops at several wineries in the Monterey Peninsula and Carmel Valley Village.


Fun things to do in Carmel Valley